About Hendrix Insurance Agency

When asked what makes Hendrix different from other insurance agents Charlie replied, “Well, I always say if you need to do some thinking lay down, because it all pops into your head at night.  I like to lay down with a clean conscious knowing that I have done the right thing for my customers.  I sleep well when I know that I have educated my clients, given them options and helped them make the best choice for their personal or business needs.”  He also credits his impressive staff for their hard work and knowledge, between all of them totaling 60+ years of experience.

Hendrix Insurance began in 2002 as a family owned business and the guiding principals of customer service and attention to detail has kept their clients happy and secure for over a decade.

Charlie Clyburn, bought the business in 2010 and is the current President of the company.  Charlie began his career in logistics management, coordinating shipments and deliveries for a commercial trucking fleet along the southern corridor.  This experience set the foundation for running a company, managing employees, and juggling issues that unexpectedly pop up during the course of a day.  Charlie understands first hand the challenges that people face and the expectations that clients expect to be met.

Charlie worked through the State Farm Insurance Program, and realized that the value of offering multiple product lines and carriers would make him a better asset to his clients.

The industry is constantly changing and Hendrix has clients in many sectors:

  • Personal: Home, Auto and Mobile Homes
  • Commercial niches:  Transportation, Trucking, Garage, Expeditors, Restaurants, and Gyms.

By not limiting themselves to one company Hendrix Insurance has the flexibility to shift their offerings to insure that their clients are getting the most current options at the best possible rates.

Hendrix Insurance services clients in the counties of: Spartanburgh, Greenville, Anderson, Cherokee, coastal Georgetown and Horry.

Charlie’s favorite customers are the ones he runs into at the grocery store, at the ball field or church.  He values his young boys and family right alongside his neighbors and community.

Please touch base with Charlie to learn how he and his team at Hendrix can best help you meet your needs at the best possible price.